Helping Financial Advisors Monitor Robo Advisor Trends

Robo Advisor

photo: veer

An exciting new website which aggregates the latest news concerning the robo advisor trend has been launched by eMoney Advisor!

eMoney Advisor, a leading provider of advanced wealth planning solutions for financial advisors, has deployed a cutting-edge robo advisor website that monitors the latest news concerning the prevalent robo advisor trend.

Robo advisors are self-help websites that connect consumers directly to analytic tools, allowing users to create their own financial plan or investment portfolio without the guidance of a traditional financial advisor.

The new robo advisor website continuously monitors over 17,000 publishers and instantly streams content containing robo advisor related terms in the title of the article. A filter feature allows individuals to quickly view trending content sorted by day, week, month, or year. Users have the option to create logins via Facebook or email and personalize their news preferences to fit their specific needs.

eMoney Advisor partnered with MobSoc Media to provide this innovative news monitoring capability. MobSoc Media is the only interest-based publishing network optimized for the mobile and social world. Its proprietary technology, Social Rank®, leverages crowdsourcing and enables users to easily discover the most popular and trending content in various areas of interest.

This website’s unique functionality gives financial advisors the ability to keep up-to-date with the latest robo advisor developments and provides users with a wealth of valuable knowledge.

Interested financial advisors can personalize the news monitoring service by creating a login on the site or sign-up for the eNewsletter here.